Monday, March 24, 2014

Women's Sphere of Domesticity

During the Civil War, many some women decided to stay inside their Sphere of Domesticity, but others chose to break free and do things that were outside the normal realm for women. The reason that many women broke out of this sphere is because they wanted to make a difference. For example, Rose O'Neal was a spy for the Confederacy. Being a spy was definitely outside of the realm of normal women actions during this time period. She was also captured by the North and put into jail for 4 months. When she died, she was honored as if she was a war hero.

On the other hand, some women like Alice Chapin decided to stay inside the sphere. When her husband left for the war, Alice was devastated but stayed together. She decided to do charity work for fire victims and involve herself in the temperance movement. Since most of this activity was not outside the Sphere, her work was not as risky as others. Her actions show why some women decided to stay inside the Sphere while others decided to venture outside of it,

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