Sunday, April 6, 2014

Is Discrimination Ever Acceptable?

The question about whether it's ever acceptable to submit to discrimination is an interesting one. On one hand, people can argue that discrimination is never okay, no matter what one could supposedly gain. On the other hand, people could say that doing anything to advance yourself is okay. I believe that it is okay to submit to some discrimination in order to gain advancement.
For example, during the Civil War, union soldiers accepted lower pay in order to be able to fight. In this case, these soldiers didn't care what happened to them, they just wanted to fight for what they believe in. They accepted a little bit of discrimination by taking lower pay, but the advantages they gained was that they were able to fight in the war and fight for what they believed in. In this case, the advantages gained were definitely worth a little discrimination.
Also, in the photograph we went over in class, a slave and his master are shown sitting next to each other looking like they are about to go into war. The story from the master's family's perspective was that they set this slave free before they war and he fought alongside his former master and even saved his life at one point. However, this story turned out to be false. This slave was in fact not freed and was still a slave. Since no one knew this side of the story, it is probably that the slave was discriminated against and forced to go along with this false story. However this discrimination led to his eventual freedom. I think again in this case the discrimination was worth it because Silas the slave was able to become a free man by just going along with a simple lie. This shows that some discrimination is acceptable in order to gain advancements.

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