Sunday, June 15, 2014

Forced to Change #3

Working with a group was the best thing possible that could've happened at this stage in the investigation of our topic. After reviewing all the material, it was perfect to collaborate our ideas with others and gain even more of an understanding of our topic. For example, Craig's enduring understanding of "People at the bottom of power structures have no input on how they are controlled." Was very influential in how I understand the topic now. Also, I was able to discuss the pictures with Craig while making the videolicious and we were both able to try and understand them better. Also, while making the video essay with Craig I was able to link the pictures to all of the enduring understandings our group created. This and the creation of our background slides made me understand the topic much more and the theme much more. 

Creating this videolicious was definitely a struggle, but making it for sure enhanced my understanding of the overall topic. When analyzing the pictures and deciding which enduring understanding they belonged to made me really think about the topic and how it connected to the overall theme. The ordering process was helpful in understanding how the pictures fell into place regarding the enduring understandings. My only wish is that videolicious had been easier to use and there weren't as many restrictions on the time limit and picture limit. 

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